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‘Right to carry’ legislation gains committee approval

State Rep. Beau LaFave, of Iron Mountain, is supporting legislation to enable law-abiding citizens to carry concealed pistols without obtaining a government-issued permit.

LaFave, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, voted in favor of the four-bill package this week, helping advance the legislation to the House floor.

“The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms. It is a violation of that fundamental right to place additional burdens on law-abiding citizens who want to carry a concealed pistol for their personal protection,” LaFave said. “Let’s be honest, criminals aren’t concerned about following the law and obtaining a government-issued permit before carrying a handgun. It’s time we level the playing field for honest people who want nothing more than to protect their families.”

LaFave stressed the legislation would not give criminals more access to pistols because it retains the current requirement that a background check be completed before a handgun purchase is made.

“This legislation strikes the right balance, removing the over-regulation placed on legal gun owners while leaving in place protections to prevent criminals from purchasing pistols,” LaFave said.

Under the plan, the current CPL permitting structure will remain in place to allow Michigan residents an option to obtain a CPL to continue to carry and receive reciprocity in states that recognize Michigan’s permit. A CPL will also be necessary for people to carry openly in certain restricted zones.

House Bills 4416-19 now move to the full House for consideration.

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