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Rep. LaFave supports nuclear energy resolutions

State Rep. Beau LaFave of Iron Mountain this week supported a trio of resolutions urging the federal government to find a permanent solution for handling high-level nuclear waste and to support policies for recycling used nuclear fuel.

The Michigan House Energy Policy Committee approved the resolutions.

“Nuclear power plays an important role in meeting our energy needs today, and we need it be a viable option in the future,” LaFave said. “It is crucial to our energy independence and security. The federal government must designate a long-term nuclear waste storage site so we can continue to develop and harness this key energy source for decades to come.”

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry recently toured Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, a proposed nuclear waste site. President Donald Trump has proposed $120 million to restart a licensing process for the site.

The concurrent resolutions approved by the committee advance to the House floor for consideration.

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